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The Golden Years


Waterford City Rugby Club played in five Munster cup finals and inscribed its name on the famous trophy on two notable occasions. The first was in markets field Limerick in 1928 when Freddie Tilson scored a memorable solo try against young Munster. The later having fielded practically the same team as they did the previous week having won the Munster Senior Cup. The next year city narrowly lost the final to Richmond in a hectic game in the only Munster Junior Cup final ever to be played in Ballinaneshagh The second occasion was the the well deserved win over Dolphin in 1930


Through the years Waterford City Rugby Club has had many famous players, both on and off the field Mr J. Power the clubs Hon Secretary lived in 101 Barrack Street his 3 sons Johnny, Paddy and Willie played with Waterford City and were part of the eleven Waterford Volunteers who fought in Spain In the ranks of the Fifteenth International Brigade. Frank Edwards who won a Munster Junior Cup with city in 1930 also served in Spain.


Frank Furlong son of J. Furlong the clubs subs secretary was a first class athlete who was a world long jump record holder. Peter O’Connor won the triple jump in the 1906 Olympics in Greece and of course we can’t forget Joe Widger a grand national winner in 1895 on Wild man from Borneo all these fellas had one thing in common they played for Waterford City Rugby Club.


The club had a number of internationals: C.R.A Graves won 15 caps with Ireland making his debut against England in 1934 he played for City and Wanderers, Victor Pike won 13caps with Ireland making his debut against England in 1931he played for City and Lansdowne. T.O Pike also was an International and he played for both city and Lansdowne and he made his made his debut against England in 1927. Dave Barry who won a Munster Junior cup with City he went on to be a Munster, Irish, and Lions selector.


The Sixties saw a revival of Waterford City Rugby Football Club when W. Benn, Bobby .Greer and Tom Fitzgerald decided to resurrect the club. The pitch was at Tycor which the club was very fortunate in securing free of charge from J&L.F Goodbody. After playing there for a number of years due to development in the area the club moved from Tycor to a pitch near the holy cross. Then in the 70’s through the generous assistance of Newtown School the club were offered to use the schools facilities. For 15 years Waterford City played out of Newtown School and the Club will be forever indebted to there assistance.


In the 62/63 season the club won the Garrowen Cup under the captaincy of Andy Fitzgerald. In 64 the club played hosts to the famous Wolfhounds International XV in Kilcohan Park. Waterford City Rugby Football Club reached the final of the Munster Junior Cup once again in 67/68 season under the captaincy of Brian Griffin where they were beaten by St Mary’s of Limerick.


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